Chronic Care Management

Care Coordination and Chronic Care Management at Cardiology Associates


What is Chronic Disease?
Any long-lasting condition that can be managed, but not completely cured, is a chronic disease.  Patients with chronic conditions typically have a higher rate of hospitalization and more visits to the emergency room.  Fortunately, people with two or more chronic diseases qualify for Chronic Care Management, a program recently approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

A few conditions that are classified as Chronic diseases:
Congestive Heart Failure
Heart Disease, Stroke
Hypertension (High blood pressure)

Why Chronic Care Management?
When patients with chronic conditions actively participate in their healthcare, their overall care coordination and outcomes improve, meaning fewer hospitalizations and trips to the emergency room.  

The Chronic Care Management program entitles Medicare patients* with two or more chronic conditions to receive additional care coordination benefits that will help improve their health.  In many cases, chronic conditions are readily treatable and proactive steps can change outcomes so that individuals experience more fulfilling lives.

At Cardiology Associates we believe that care coordination can have a positive impact on patients with multiple chronic conditions.  Our Care Coordination Team will work with you to help you understand your conditions, make smart choices, and take control of your health.

 Patients of CCM Program Receive:
--Assistance with medication reconciliation and self-management of medications.
--Coordination with home and community-based clinical services that are needed.
--Creation and maintenance of a problem list which includes expected outcomes and measurable treatment goals.
--Ongoing education about relevant conditions
--Access to member of the Cardiology Associates Care Coordination Team 24 hours/ 7 days a week.
Getting Started
Once you have signed the consent form designating Cardiology Associates as your CCM care provider, your benefits will begin right away.

* Currently only Medicare covers CCM.  It is anticipated that other insurance carriers will begin providing this benefit in the future.  Please check with your insurance company or your provider for further information.

L. Daven Cave, M.D.

Clinical & Invasive Cardiology